Dealing with Anorexia After Weight Loss


There is a dark side to the weight loss industry which is not always recognized as a health problem. I once encountered someone who made the argument that people from poor families do not suffer from anorexia because they are too busy looking for food. This is a wrong premise that does not take into account the devastating effects of that condition on the human body and spirit. People who have anorexia are not indulged creatures who just want to make a fuss for the sake of it. Rather they are ordinary people who are suffering from serious psychological problems that prevent them from leading a healthy lifestyle. These are people who would give anything to be able to lead normal lives but have been blighted by the dark presence of anorexia.

Although some people are of the view that genes play an important role in determining whether a person will have anorexia, the reality is that this is a condition that affects people from all sorts of families. In my view the media and modern society have a role to play. We have been fed by images of impossibly slim people who are expected to become our role models when it comes ot the ideal body size. Young girls are susceptible to the allures of modern celebrity and will do anything to become as thin as one of their idols even if it means starving themselves to death. There are programs on television which are specifically designed to ridicule people who are overweight. That leaves the young people with the impression that it is some sort of crime to put on weight and that they must do everything in their power to get rid of the weight.

It is no wonder that anorexia has become a big problem in teenagers. They are easily influenced and do not fully understand the implications of abusing their young bodies. Of course there might be some underlying psychological problems that are making the person turn to anorexia but the society that we live in has not helped matters one bit. It is a society that emphasizes appearances over the fundamental worth of a person. There is a uniformity of aspirations that must be worrying to the philosophers. The perfect figure is the thinnest and some modeling agencies do not shy away from insulting girls who look normal because they want them to go on a starvation diet.

Have a Good Discussion with Your Personal Trainer


When you start a fitness relationship with your personal trainer they will need to understand you needs and capabilities. You might have a great ambition to achieve great heights in the weight loss journey yet you simply do not have the ability to be able to deliver on those dreams. You personal trainer is supposed to give you a realistic assessment of your prospects of achieving the weight levels that you so desire. A good personal trainer is also a good communicator because they will be dealing with people and their emotions.

There must be also a level of trust between the personal trainer and the people that he or she is trying to look after. The personal trainer will see you at your most vulnerable where you will discuss body issues that may have plagued you since your childhood. They will also know a lot about how your body works and where you might have gone wrong in order to acquire excess weight. Therefore such a job requires someone with good integrity and the ability to communicate with people on so many levels. It also requires that they have the patience to deal with some of the unrealistic expectations that the client can put on the contract.

If you are assigned a trainer at the gym you need to ask yourself whether they have the right certification and whether they have the experience to be able to help you overcome your weight issues. If the trainer does not know what they are doing, it is likely that they will put you on diets that do not support your schedule and will not help you to meet your weight goals. They might even put your through difficult exercises that end up giving you long term injuries rather than helping you to lose weight.

Cost will be another area that may be of interest to both parties. You obviously need to know that your sessions are just right for your body and that you can afford them. You also need to decide whether you will be using a flat fee or you will be looking to pay in installments as you use the service. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should be able to have one to one sessions with your trainer as part of the price that you are paying. Some companies offer packages for sixty dollars per week. At the same time you should remember that the ultimate responsibility for your health lies with you. It is no good transferring the entire burden to someone else.

Fat Loss has to Remain a Long Term Strategy


The frustrations that befall those people who participate in weight control programs can bring them to the point of despair. They then stop thinking logically and start considering the illogical solutions as a means to end their battle with the bulge. That is why it might be a good idea to take a long term view of your weight loss because it is the best way that you can control your diet and ensure that you can sustain all the gains that you may have made during your dieting exercise. Short term goals are not that easily achievable when we are talking about fat loss. If you can take the short term disappointments in good spirits, then it will give you a platform for long term growth.

You need to comprehend you body structure and how it works before you can start considering on a serious basis of changing its appearance. This is not about taking an advanced course in biological sciences but rather knowing the inherent variations in bodily functions that make you unique. A case in point is where you will need to note of your BMI and then work out the best level of nutrients that you have to eat per day. It is by no mistake that I use the term best instead of other absolute solutions. In this I recognize the inherent flexibility of working within a dietary structure that accounts for individual differences.

Most of the fat loss initiatives will only work for a maximum optimum period which is usually around ten weeks at most. After that the law of diminishing returns will kick in and you will find that the exercises become less and less effective. When you reach this point it is always better to go back to your normal diet rather than insisting on continuing with the extreme diets. You efforts might be wasted if you do not listen to this advice.

You can decide to go really extreme by banning certain foods permanently from your normal diet. While this might appear to be a quick fix solution, it rarely lasts for a long time. You will find that you crave the foods even more and that you will not feel that you have achieved much in the long run. Therefore my advice to you is to always aim for balance and proportion in your diets. Permanent bans are not sustainable in a meaningful way.

Exercise as a Means of Controlling your Fat Levels


If there is one excellent way of losing body fat, it has to be physical activity. Many health care professionals and people with experience recommend physical activity. In order to have a good chance of controlling your body fat, it is imperative that you include regular physical activity in your planned activity. This article will aim to give some general tips on how to maximize your benefit from any physical activity planned activity that you are undertaking.

You will need to look at graduating your physical activity planned activity in such a way that it does not strain your body too early before you are used to doing physically taxing work. Advice is always available in the local exercise center as to what levels you need to start at.

Consistency is important in as much as regular physical activity is far better than one off binge physical activity s which destroy the body’s reserves and can cause difficulties. Do not be distracted by the desire to hit unrealistic objectives before you are ready for the big time.

Use physical activity to complement some of the other work that you are doing to control your body fat such as dieting. It is better to use a combination of tolls rather than relying on one because if that major tool that you have fails you will need an alternative.

Try to work in a organized group of people with friends and family who are undergoing the same body fat challenges. When you work in a organized group of people you tend to get support when things are not going particularly well and you are in a position to share experiences with one another.

Do no undo all the work that you have done with physical activity by overeating. This is just like putting something into a vessel and pouring it straight back out. You should avoid the sabotage you own plan by not consuming unwise diet plans.
Persistence will be your companion in this long journey. Physical activity can be a strenuous activity and if you are not persistent you might just end up giving up and moving on to other things which would not be beneficial to anyone.

There are various professional people who know about physical activity in a much more detailed way than you could possibly manage without training and education. You might want to hire some of these people because they will give you detailed information as to how you can get the best out of your physical activity planned activity.

Setting objectives and reviewing your work is a wonderful motivational tool especially if you are working flat out on a regular basis. If you can see what you are achieving, you are more likely to enjoy your work. Some people have been advised to keep diet diaries to enable them to chart their development.

Make physical activity a permanent aspect of your life such that it ceases to become a chore and rather becomes as normal as breathing. Good body fat control relies on fundamental way of living changes rather than temporary fads that will soon run out of steam. You must remember that physical activity is a longtime commitment.

Losing Weight in an Office


Hi guys. This is for you guys who work in an office for a living. I am particularly irked by the terrible things that are done to frustrate the battle to lose weight. I am talking about those people who always make cups of tea time and time again yet they put in loads of sugar. It is almost as if they want us to fail and this is the wonderful way of getting round any kind of pretence. Even if you manage to tell them that you do not want sugar, they manage to include and say that they somehow forgot.

These people seem to be generous in spirit but they are really putting you backwards in your effort to lose some weight. I would rather hope that they would get the message and stop their shenanigans but somehow I am not too hopeful. It seems as if they revel in the irritation that they are causing to everyone in the building and it gets up my nose. They use fake smiles to lure into their trap of unhealthy eating habits and then smile when they see you falling flat on your face.

They do have cousins who do similar work in a totally different context. These are the ones who are always organizing a party of some description and they ensure that each occasion has plenty of cream cakes to ensure that as many of you get fat as can possibly be achieved within a short space of time. Malice is definitely not a motive but I can understand why some people just get fed up. I for one try to avoid them but the things they bring to the parties are just too sweet to ignore.

So if you are in the office, keep watching your back. Those who you think you are providing with generosity may be cursing the day you were born because you are fattening them as if for slaughter. No means no and you should not try to force food on someone who does not want it. They may end up hating you.

The office is the place to work and make an income. It is not a place for fattening oneself up for the slaughter. For those guys who are offended in any way, I send my apologies. I am simply sending on the message of those who have experienced this phenomenon.

Waxing Lyrical About Acai Foods


From time to time there comes a food that is so highly thought off the even the basic scientific methods of healthy skepticism are thrown out of the window. One such food is Acai. I have read of many incredible stories about this wonder food. I will try to give you some the details and then you can judge for yourselves.

According to them eating the acai berry is one of the most effective ways of keeping healthy. Acai is the latest super food to hit the market and everyone has probably seen it on TV or in magazines. Originating from the Amazon, it is credited with extraordinary benefits. Apparently the acai berry contains more antioxidants than any other food on the market. Antioxidants are useful for strengthening the immune system, improving skin or hair. They may also assist in combating certain types of cancers as well as improving general circulation. Consequently they are credited with being able to slow down the ageing process. I have to admit that I am rather skeptical because if that were possible the richest people would live for quite a long time but in fact people in the developed world face a lot of problems related to ageing.

Anyway according to the promoters of this berry, the benefits extend as far as dealing with digestion and heart problems. They claim that the acai berry will help with functions within the digestive tracts and is a great source of fiber. The acai fruit also helps to eliminate the risk of strokes and heart diseases according to those who support its use. It will also aide in lowing cholesterol. They then move to the conclusion that it also helps to control weight. The reason why I am skeptical is that the fruit seems to be doing so many things. The worry is that it is a mistress of many trades but a master of none. Surely one fruit cannot fully have all those extraordinary characteristics.

If one was to believe everything that was said, the acai berry is the ultimate in super foods. Apparently they improve heart health, improve the digestive system, aid in fighting off illnesses and cancers as well as assisting in the weight loss programs. Maybe I am being overly cautious but it all seems a bit too good to be true. I am not saying that the benefits are not there. It is just that I am yet to be convinced. Please share your thoughts on this.

Here We go to Weight Loss Burning


I welcome you to my blog about weight loss burning. Please feel free to share your ideas and comments on this new blog. I think it is a controversial topic and the more people are able to share their ideas the better. Today I will start off by going through some of the key issues and problems facing dieters who want to obtain guaranteed fat loss. I am actually even happy to have general comments on health…that is how desperate I am. LOL. Anyway today I want to continue with the themes of giving diets and weight watchers tips on what to do and when to do it.

It is important to have regular meals. Do not for one minute imagine that if you skip meals you are saving yourself from extra calories. What you are actually doing is setting yourself up to get so hungry that you end up eating much more than you planned. This is will cause problems for the digestive system and will also pile on the calories. Dieting needs regularity and routine.

Even when you have food, it is important to know what state it is in and the impact on your diet. It is far better to have fresh fruit and vegetables rather than canned ones. This is because of the ever present problems of additives and sugar or even salt. Eating raw vegetables is a good habit because you are then able to retain most of the nutrients. Obviously some vegetables are better suited to this. For example it is far more difficult to eat raw potatoes than to eat raw carrots.

There are certain foods which are good in small quantities but as they quantities rise, they create more and more problems. Eggs should only be eaten in moderation and not more than one egg per twenty four hours. Eggs contain excellent nutritional qualities but have a propensity to push your calorie count high if they are misused. The same goes for chocolate which is really a celebratory meal for special occasions and not a daily indulgence.

The more varied your diet is, the easier it will be for you to stick with it. The monotony of dieting is one of the tough problems when trying to control your weight. However if you design your menu with some imagination, you are likely to enjoy better than normal results. Variety also means that you are receiving as many basis nutrients as possible.